Review: Restore A Floor & Install Services

Here’s a review I wrote about our floor contractor (Restore A Floor & Install Services of Palmyra, NY) on Angie’s List:

I hired them for the following: Refinished about 1240 square feet of hardwood floors, including stairs and a landing (sanded, wood filler applied to gaps, 1 coat oil polyurethane, 2 coats Nano Shield Advanced Floor Finish). Repaired a section of flooring that was poorly repaired in the past. Installed new molding downstairs (approximately 124 linear feet). The estimate for this work was $3990.

Once they were on site the floor repair was more complicated than anticipated (completely missing subflooring) and required extra labor and materials. I also had them do other handyman tasks: reinforce the stairs to reduce squeaking, rejoin a post and handrail that had begun to separate, level out a section of wood on the stairs that had begun to pop up, and install a floor jack in the basement to reinforce a load-bearing beam. The extra materials and labor added $830 to the cost for a total bill of $4820.

All the repair work took about 3 or 4 days. The sanding and refinishing took another 4 days. The finished work is amazing. Before refinishing, the floors had sander marks and other evidence of poorly done DIY efforts. Tim Moon and his assistant Dave managed to smooth all those imperfections out. The repaired patch looks indistinguishable from the rest of the floor. Tim applied a slight tint to the first coat of polyurethane that gives a perfect amount of stain to the oak floors.

The other repair work was really well done. The stairs are more silent than I thought 100 year old steps could be. In every case the repair was done the right way, often with complicated dismantling that other contractors don’t want to tackle. Once the fix was done all pieces were reassembled with precision.

Both men were congenial, telling stories from their decades of experience doing all manner of building contract work. Tim kept me regularly apprised of his schedule and progress via text message. My wife and I had little time to prepare the house before we moved in, so I spent several long lunches working on the house, where I had the pleasure of seeing them at work. They were always courteous and careful to make sure none of their equipment was in my way as I painted or did other things.

Their dust control is impressive too. They left the house in immaculate condition.

I couldn’t be happier with the work or the workers and would happily hire them again.

Check out Tim Moon in action and some before and after shots for more information.