Moved In

The movers were scheduled to come at 9 am on Tuesday, May 21. We pulled an all-nighter trying to get everything packed away before they arrived. We didn’t quite make it, though, and we were still stuffing our junk into boxes while they loaded the truck.

Moved In

We’ve been in for 6 days now and we’re still nowhere near unpacked. I hate this.


One month after our originally scheduled closing, we finally own it.

Many thanks go out to our real estate agent Lindsay Lustick Garner, who only works with buyers. Without her help to set up an escalation clause, we either wouldn’t have gotten the house or we would’ve made a much higher offer than we needed (we ended up being bumped to $8,000 over asking, which we consider fortunate).

Big thanks also to Matt Haney who did our inspection. We actually had a mini-inspection before making an offer, which he charges $135 to perform. If you get a full inspection later (which we did), he takes $50 off if you’ve done the walk-through review. It really puts your mind at ease before you make that offer. I actually found him via his wife’s interior design business, who we are now using to choose paint colors, light fixtures, etc.