Malibu Solar Wall Wash

I like landscape lighting but I’m too lazy to run wire and I want to minimize the electricity we buy anyway. Fortunately there are a ton of good solar options out there. Modern solar landscape lighting is brighter and warmer than the dim cold lamps you’re probably used to.

To start off, I picked up this 54 lumen Malibu LED solar wall wash from Home Depot. The reviews are excellent, and while it’s rather pricey at $40, the cost is worth it to me if the product delivers.


Wallwashers look cool and can add security if they illuminate otherwise dark corners of your home. I actually expected plastic since it seems like everything’s made out of the stuff these days, but this one was constructed out of a surprisingly hefty metal.

Testing the light

I figured a good location for my first landscape light would be the right side of the house, which is pretty dark and has no other lighting (the left side has flood lights aimed onto the driveway). The light came charged so even though it was late in the day I was able to test it out that same night.

Picking a place

Excuse the horrible cell phone photography. It’s hard to convey, but the light delivers. It’s bright, has a warmth reminiscent of incandescent lamps, and it lasted for at least the four hours of night I spent in the house painting tonight. The real test will be after it has fully discharged. The spot I placed it in is shaded and I don’t expect maximum performance (which the manufacturer claims to be 10 hours). Still, if it lasts past midnight I’ll be happy. I’ll report more on this later.

The light at night