Medicine Cabinet


I don’t know how old this medicine cabinet is, but given that it looks to be made from some kind of commercial plywood, it can’t be as old as the house. It was secured by 4 nails driven through the trim. I just had to pry it out from the wall.

It’s not attractive, that’s for sure. Our interior decorator suggests we replace it. Unfortunately the opening is 15″x22″ and framed by 2x4s. I’m not finding a huge selection of recessed medicine cabinets that fit. I’m not even sure what style is appropriate.

Even though that that porcelain light fixture is not my style, we’ll be keeping it as a nod to the house’s history. It’s not original: this great article indicates they became popular in the late 1920s. Still, it’s part of the house’s evolution and we appreciate that. There’s an interesting quote in that article from designer Bo Sullivan:

One detail worth mentioning is that these lights often had a “convenience outlet” cast into them – convenient for shocking yourself to death. When we rewire, we always disable this outlet to be safe and meet modern codes.

This fixture definitely has that outlet and the wires leading to it have been cut. Anyway, it just needs to be cleaned up with some paint remover and it’ll be ready for remounting after we paint.