First minor project: I won’t have to deal with emptying the dehumidifier bucket anymore. Our home inspector recommended draining it into the sump (which has the added benefit of regularly testing the sump pump), and I took him up on his advice. The sump cover even has a convenient hole you can punch out to feed in a pipe. It’s intended for venting sewer gases when needed, but it serves my needs nicely.


I consulted the internets to make sure I wasn’t doing anything ill-advised, and it appears that bad idea or not, plenty of people online have said that they do exactly the same thing.

A separate issue for me is the cost of running the dehumidifier. I’ve plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt┬áso I can see how often it runs in a 24 hour period. The fan alone draws 30 watts. When the evaporator is engaged the machine draws about 400 watts. None of this is surprising: it’s basically an air conditioner. The basement is damp year-round, though, and I want to stay on top of controlling the moisture.