Solar Monitoring Downtime


In my last post I discussed one of the dangers of cloud resources: if the company goes under, so does your access to their data. But even when the company is alive and well you have to suffer with their infrastructure deficiencies.

SunPower monitoring has been unavailable for over 18 hours now. When their servers are down, the system at home can’t upload its data and I don’t know how much history it can cache. Hopefully when the servers are back up I will have not lost any information. The only way to see production data now is to use the LCD on the inverter (I could set up a webcam pointed right at it!). Consumption data can’t be viewed locally at all.

My preference would be for the monitoring equipment to run its own server. You could view the data on your LAN even when your internet connection is down, and with an open port you could monitor your system remotely too. I’d also be OK with some kind of hybrid solution, where the data is viewable locally but is also uploaded to SunPower’s servers. There’s probably no chance we’ll get anything like this.

Even when their equipment is up and running the website and app are intolerably slow. HD video is faster to load. I’d be happy if they just took this downtime to improve their servers’ performance or increase the bandwidth on their connection. I’m not too hopeful on either of those.

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