Solar Install Day 4

July 1. I’m in Bedford, Massachusetts for work while my favorite house project is being completed back in Ithaca. Fortunately my wife was able to take a few photos.

Our system is built with SunPower X21 panels, the most efficient on the market. I’ve read a lot of advice online that the cost of these panels aren’t necessarily worth the added cost if you have plenty of roof space (in which case you’re better off getting the best cost per watt you can). For our roof, though, these are perfect.

Solar Install Day 4 1

Solar Install Day 4 2

Perfect Painters put up their sign the first day they started work, but Renovus didn’t get around to putting their sign up until the last day of installation. I don’t mind both of us showing off some awesome solar work.

Solar Install Day 4 3

I took this photo of the finished work on July 4. Gorgeous.

Solar Install Day 4 4

The monitoring system isn’t fully installed yet, so for the moment the only way to see how much power is being produced is via the inverter’s LCD. By the end of Independence Day we had generated about 20 kWh.

Solar Install Day 4

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