Kicking off Solar

Our good friend Keith recently started at Renovus Energy (as of this writing the site basically doesn’t exist, though it promises a launch eventually), the premier solar installer in the Ithaca area. He gave us a great housewarming gift: coming over 10 minutes after we closed on the house last Friday to take our deposit for a 4.1 kW solar electric system with the just-announced 21.5% efficiency, 345 watt SunPower X-Series panels.

This morning we took the next step and I signed a bunch of paperwork for NYSERDA to approve the rebate Renovus will collect on our behalf. This is the first time I’ve ever signed documents on an iPad. Really forward-thinking, this company.


Also from Renovus was Joshua to perform the site evaluation. This guy was incredibly friendly and fearless on the roof. He used some shade analysis tool (it looked like one of these, but I can’t be sure) to determine that everything looks pretty good up there: decent roof pitch, minimal shading and the side of the roof facing south is away from the street, so I don’t have to care about how the array looks.

Honestly, I wouldn’t care anyway. I’m interested in maximum power output and it’s just a bonus that the back side of the house happens to be ideal. We’re also planning on symmetrical placement of panels on each side of the roof, so the layout will fulfill my OCD desire for balance.


Now we wait 6 weeks or so for NYSERDA approval. I can’t wait.

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